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UBM  c/o EMW, Waterton Cross Business Park, South Road, Bridgend, CF31 3UL     Main office:  0113 230 4362   Irish office:  0289 074 7677 (Mon & Wed only)
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Beach Missions are family outreach! Join us for lively daytime programmes on the beach, with bible stories, all geared to the needs of children, parents, friends and onlookers. A range of specific family events are held in the evenings.

Beach Teams - England & Wales

Similar to the work on the beaches in the UK above, but on the beaches of the Republic of Ireland.

Beach Teams - Republic of Ireland

Christian Answer teams aim to reach out with the claims of Christ to present the gospel to individuals in busy shopping precincts or tourist attractions (UK & Ireland).

Christian Answer Teams - UK & Ireland

Gospel opportunities in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Some are run as ‘Beach Mission Teams’, others more like ‘Christian Answer’ - all under the name of ‘MV’.

MV Teams - Continental Europe

Opportunities to work with churches in France to ‘advance’ the Gospel, ‘advance’ the work of local churches; and ‘advance’ your own knowledge of the language and culture.

Avancer Teams - France & Belgium

Sharing the Gospel with the many international students who come to study English each summer.

UBM goes to places where people are to share the good news of Jesus. UBM consists of Outreach teams as shown below. Each summer we operate about 90 missions around the UK, the Republic of Ireland and continental Europe.

Sharing the Good News of Jesus

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E&W what we do Ireland what we do CA what we do MV what we do AV (e) what we do

International Student Outreach Teams

ISO what we do

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United Beach Missions


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